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Office 365

Office 365 Basic License

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The Office 365 Basic License is a great way to stay connected with access to the latest Office applications, email and online storage. With the Office 365 Basic License, users will be able to collaborate with team members in real time, create documents and share files from any device.
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Key Features:
  • 1. Access to the latest Office applications
  • 2. Built in real-time collaboration tools
  • 3. Secure cloud storage
  • 4. Automated data backups
  • 5. Easy to set up and manage
  • 6. Access from any device
  • 7. Intuitive user interface
  • 8. Automated software updates
  • 9. Professional email accounts
  • 10. Global customer support



Connectivity, Productivity, Communication, Security, Small Businesses, Large Businesses, Startups, Windows