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Egnyte Cloud Sync and Backups

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The Cloud Sync and Backups solution offers reliable and secure synchronization of data across multiple devices or servers. It ensures maximum data security with real-time and automated backups to the cloud.
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Key Features:
  • - Egnyte Cloud Sync and Backups is a solution for securing and organizing files and data.
  • - It allows for seamless synchronization between different devices and platforms.
  • - The product includes automatic backups to ensure data is always protected.
  • - Egnyte Cloud Sync and Backups features powerful search capabilities for finding specific files and information.
  • - It offers secure remote access to data from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • - The product includes customizable sharing options to control how files and data are shared.
  • - Users can set up alerts and notifications for specific folders or files.
  • - The solution supports collaboration and teamwork by allowing multiple users to access and work on the same files.
  • - With Egnyte Cloud Sync and Backups, users can access previous versions of files to undo changes or restore lost data.
  • - The product includes integration with popular productivity tools for a streamlined workflow.



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